Frequently Asked Questions

Timesheet Plus

  • How to track flexitime?

    Flextime is a flexible hours schedule that allows workers to alter workday start and finish times.

    Step 1) Go to Administration->Settings, setup "Date fields mode" to "On-demand" and click Save

    Step 2) Go to Administration->Settings, select "Custom timesheet fields" tab, define custom columns "Start Time","End Time" and click Save

    Now user can enter working hours for each day

  • How to enable billing options?

    Go to Administration->Settings, select "Billing Settings" tab, enable billing options and click Save

    Optionally you can define hourly rate per user

    Now user can report billable hours

  • How to import users from Excel?

    Go to Administration->User Profiles click "Import" and follow the directions

  • How to import timeshets?

    Timesheet import from MS Excel is not supported in the current app version.

  • How to export data to CSV/Excel?

    Go to Team Management->My Team's Timesheets or Administration->All Timesheets and click Export button

  • How integrate with 3rd party systems?

    You can enable integrations features and use free quota on Microsoft Flow to integrate with 3rd party systems.
    Let say that you would like to export total working hours and billing amount to the external system (i.e. Slack,Oracle,SQL Server etc) when request has been approved.

    Step 1) Go to Administration->Integrations and create integration list. Select "Approved" as export trigger and proper standard fields to export

    Step 2) Double click on Sharepoint list name, being on newly created list click Flow->Create flow

  • How to upload own logo?

    Step 1) Go to Administration->Settings, select "App Logo" as "Custom" and click Save

    Step 2) Go to Administration->Settings, click "Upload"->Choose file and then Save