Calendar list - integration examples

Display time-off calendar on a Sharepoint Site by using Web Part

Step 1) Click "Edit" (you need to have required permissions to see edit option)
Web Part - Step1

Step 2) Click Insert=>Web Part=>Apps, select calendar and then click "Add" to add webpart.
Web Part - Step2

Optionally: Filter calendar entries (i.e. display entries only from particular department or time-off type)
a) Click on Web Part Properties and "Edit current view"
Web Part - Step3a

b) On the "Filter" section select filter conditions and click "OK" to save.
Web Part - Step3b

Open Time-Off Calendar in Outlook

In a SharePoint calendar click "Calendar" tab and then "Connect to Outlook"
Outlook - Step1

Overlay time-off calendar with Sharepoint Calendar (i.e. Company Calendar)

Step 1) In a SharePoint calendar, on the Calendar tab, click Calendar Overlays.
Calendar overlay - Step1

Step 2)In the Calendar Overlay Settings page, click New Calendar.
Calendar overlay - Step2

Step 3) Type calendar name, select "Sharepoint" as type, enter Site URL, click "Resolve", select Calendar Name and click "Ok" save.
Calendar overlay - Step3

Sample integrations with Microsoft Flow

Link to Microsoft Flow can be found under Office 365 app launcher. Here is more info about Microsoft Flow plans&pricing.

Flow - Run

Step 1) Click on My flows=>Create from blank
Flow - Step1

Step 2) Type "Sharepoint" in search box and select trigger "Sharepoint - when new item is created"
Flow - Step2

Step 3) Copy&paste Sharepoint List URL, enter calendar list name and click "New step"
Flow - Step3

Step 4) Click "Add an action"
Flow - Step4

  • Sample action #1: send email when a new item is created

    Step 5) Select action "Office 365 Outlook - Send an email"

    Flow - Step5

    Step 6) Fill To/Subjest/Body by using Calendar list fields and click "Create flow" to save flow
    Flow - Step6

  • Sample action #2: create event in Outlook 365 Calendar

    Step 5) Select action "Office 365 Outlook - Create event (V2)"

    Flow - Outlook1

    Step 6) Fill Subject/Start Time/End Time by using Calendar fields, optionally enter and Time zone, then click "Create flow" to save flow.
    Flow - Outlook2

  • Sample action #3: post message on Yammer

    Step 5) Select action "Yammer - Post message" and login into Yammer

    Flow - Yammer1

    Step 6) Fill Message Text by using calendar fields like Title or Requester, then click "Create flow" to save flow.
    Flow - Yammer2