Calendar list - integration examples

What to know before you start

1 Integration list must be enabled in the app under Administration->Integrations.
2.Export operation works only for newly approved leave requests (doesn't work backward, so just after creation list is blank).
3.Export operation is performed in the context of SharePoint user who approve or cancel leave request, please make sure that your users have "Edit" permission to the calendar list:
Step 1) Enter calendar list and click "List Settings"
Permissions - Step1

Step 2) Click "Permission for this list"
Permissions - Step2
Step 3) Assign permission (for Everyone like on below example or selected group of users)
Permissions - Step2

Display time-off calendar on a Sharepoint Site by using Web Part

Step 1) Click "Edit" (you need to have required permissions to see edit option)
Web Part - Step1

Step 2) Click Insert=>Web Part=>Apps, select calendar and then click "Add" to add webpart.
Web Part - Step2

Optionally: Filter calendar entries (i.e. display entries only from particular department or time-off type)
a) Click on Web Part Properties and "Edit current view"
Web Part - Step3a

b) On the "Filter" section select filter conditions and click "OK" to save.
Web Part - Step3b

Open Time-Off Calendar in Outlook

In a SharePoint calendar click "Calendar" tab and then "Connect to Outlook"
Outlook - Step1

Overlay time-off calendar with Sharepoint Calendar (i.e. Company Calendar)

Step 1) In a SharePoint calendar, on the Calendar tab, click Calendar Overlays.
Calendar overlay - Step1

Step 2)In the Calendar Overlay Settings page, click New Calendar.
Calendar overlay - Step2

Step 3) Type calendar name, select "Sharepoint" as type, enter Site URL, click "Resolve", select Calendar Name and click "Ok" save.
Calendar overlay - Step3

Sample integrations with Microsoft Flow

Link to Microsoft Flow can be found under Office 365 app launcher. Here is more info about Microsoft Flow plans&pricing.

Flow - Run

Step 1) Click on My flows=>Create from blank
Flow - Step1

Step 2) Type "Sharepoint" in search box and select trigger "Sharepoint - when new item is created"
Flow - Step2

Step 3) Copy&paste Sharepoint List URL, enter calendar list name and click "New step"
Flow - Step3

Step 4) Click "Add an action"
Flow - Step4

  • Sample action #1: send email when a new item is created

    Step 5) Select action "Office 365 Outlook - Send an email"

    Flow - Step5

    Step 6) Fill To/Subjest/Body by using Calendar list fields and click "Create flow" to save flow
    Flow - Step6

  • Sample action #2: create event in Outlook 365 Calendar

    Step 5) Select action "Office 365 Outlook - Create event (V2)"

    Flow - Outlook1

    Step 6) Fill Subject/Start Time/End Time by using Calendar fields, optionally enter and Time zone, then click "Create flow" to save flow.
    Flow - Outlook2

  • Sample action #3: post message on Yammer

    Step 5) Select action "Yammer - Post message" and login into Yammer

    Flow - Yammer1

    Step 6) Fill Message Text by using calendar fields like Title or Requester, then click "Create flow" to save flow.
    Flow - Yammer2