Manage leave requests more effectively


Time-Off Manager is a Sharepoint based solution designed to help organizations automate the processing of requests for leave. If you need more features try Time-Off Manager Pro

Approval Workflow

The Time-Off Manager workflow consists of four states: Pending Approval, Approved, Rejected and Cancelled. When a user submits a request, the system reduces the user's leave balance accordingly. The request is given Pending Approval or Approved status (depending on time-off policy).  The user can cancel a request before the leave starts – the leave amount is returned to the available balance and the request disappears from the list. Cancellations of ongoing and past requests require administrator action.  The system sends an email notification of any requests to the manager for approval, and email notification of approvals or rejections to the employees.

Actions available to system users

Actions available to regular employees: 
• Submit new leave requests
• Cancel a leave request (only before the leave starts)
• Check own time-off balance
• See current (future and ongoing) leave requests of other employees
• Submit requests on behalf of someone else*.

Actions available to managers:
All actions of regular employees plus:
• Approve or reject leave requests waiting for approval*
• Submit requests on behalf of someone else* 

Actions available to administrators:
• Cancel any leave requests
• Customize system settings 
• Assign time-off balances to employees
• Define public holidays calendar
• Assign user roles
• Access to time-off report

* - depends on system settings

Quick steps to start using Time-Off Manager

As Administrator:
1. Configure Settings (section Administration->Settings)
2. Configure Public Holidays (section Administration->Public Holidays)
3. Configure Company Departments (optional) (section Administration->Company Departments)
4. Assign user roles: Manager and Administrator (section Administration->User Roles ). There is no need to assign regular User role, because this role is given by default -every user with access to the Sharepoint parent site (where the app is installed) also has access to this app as regular user.
5. Create or edit time-off types (section Administration->Time-Off Types )
6. Assign time-off balance to the users (section Administration->Time-Off Balances )

As Regular User:
1. Click "Create new" tile on the main page and submit request.

If you need help with app configuration or usage, please watch admin video guide or user video guide


If you have any question or issues, please email us at

Please read the Technical Troubleshooting FAQ before sending email with an technical question.

Data security

App is 100% SharePoint-hosted - all data is stored securely on the customer's SharePoint environment.
App's data is never leaving your SharePoint env, we don't have access to your data and we never see it.