Travel Request System

Manage travel more effectively

Travel Request System is a travel management app designed to help organizations automate and manage two processes related to business travel: approving travel requests and processing expense reports. Travel Request System provides four-state approval workflow for managing both pre-travel and post-travel expenses, enabling managers to effectively control travel plans and expenses. Travel Request System keeps track of all your travel details—requester information (e.g., project, cost center), travel information (e.g., cities, hotels), and travel expenses (e.g., payment method, currency).

Approval Process


Approval process for pre-travel request
1. A user creates a new travel request. (Request Approver field is mandatory to save request form.)
2. The user submits the request for approval ("Send to approve" button).
3. Before an approver approves the travel request, the user can make changes in travel request form.
4. The approver receives email notification of the request and reviews travel plan with travel expenses.
5. The approver approves or declines the travel request.
6. If the approver approves the travel request, the pre-travel request is finished.
7. If the approver rejects the travel request, the user must edit and resubmit the travel request until the approver finally approves it.

Approval process for settlement (post-travel expense report)
1. A user navigates to approved request form and creates a new settlement by clicking "Create settlement" button.
2. The user can modify three kinds of information on the settlement form—Travel Destinations, Notice field, and Travel Expenses. (Other fields are read only.)
3. The user submits the request for approval ("Send to approve" button).
4. The approver receives notification of the approval and reviews settlement report.
5. The approver approves or declines the travel request.
6. If the approver approves the travel settlement, the process is finished.
7. If the approver rejects the travel settlement, the user must edit and resubmit the settlement until the approver finally approves it.


If you have any question or issues, please email us at

Please read below Product FAQ and Technical Troubleshooting FAQ before sending email with an technical question.

Do you need more advanced features?

If you need more advanced features like:

  • Multi-level approval workflow (more than 6 approvers)
  • Conditional approvals (conditions and thresholds)
  • Custom tab with a custom data table
  • Detailed access control list (ACL) for an request object
  • Custom branding (own logo and change of default blue theme)
  • Language translations
  • Tracking changes history
then Approvals Center is an ideal choice. Approvals Center is a new generation of approval management apps, designed for modern SharePoint UI.
On the Approvals Center product site, you can find full product comparison (Approvals Centers vs Approval Manager vs Expense Approval Pro).

If you need to process requests with custom workflows, tailored to your business needs, you can consider Forms Center. Forms Center offers similar functionality like Approvals Center but allows to model any kind of workflows (help desk, contract, task, etc).


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Product FAQ

  • Where app data is stored?

  • How to install trial version on the SharePoint Site?

  • How to pin an app to the SharePoint menu or Office 365 app launcher?

    After successful installation, the app is located on the SharePoint Site Contents.
    First, please use one of below methods to get an app shortcut.
    Method 1) Enter the app (first page) and copy full URL from the browser's address bar (with all parameters like SPHostUrl etc.), below is example:

    Method 2) Enter the app (first page), copy URL from the browser's address bar and remove all characters after app name, below is example:
    Required parameters will be automatically added by SharePoint.

    Pin app to the SharePoint Site menu
    Step 1) Go to the SharePoint Site
    Step 2) Click "Edit" on left or top SharePoint menu and add link to the app
    Details are described in this document, steps are different depends on the SharePoint UI type (classic view/modern view)

    Pin app to the Office 365 app launcher
    You can add custom tile to the app launcher under Office 365 Admin Center->Settings->Organization profile page.

    Details are described in this document. To get logo URL required to create new tile on app launcher you can click right mouse button on app icon (SharePoint Site Contents) and select "Copy image address"

  • How to assign regular User role?

    There is no need to assign regular User role, because this role is given by default - every user with access to the SharePoint parent site (where the app is installed) also has access to this app as regular user.

  • How to update SharePoint app?

    App update process is described here and also on our Technical FAQ, question "How to update SharePoint app?"

  • I cannot find a user in drop-down list

    User list is pulled from SharePoint User Information List (built-in SharePoint feature, here is more info)
    SharePoint user is added to the User Information List after first login to the SharePoint Site.
    After first login, user will be visible in the user's drop-down list.

  • How can I extend my trial period?

    We cannot extend trial period remotely, because app is SharePoint-hosted and our company doesn't have access to the customer's SharePoint env., however you can uninstall an app and install it again to "reset" 14-day period. (this operation removes all app data and configuration).