This guide provides a short guide on setting up a 30-day, fully functional trial of Asset Manager Pro within your SharePoint Online environment. The procedure for adding applications to SharePoint Online is straightforward and manageable for any SharePoint tenant administrator. The installation involves a two-phase approach. Initially, the App must be incorporated into the SharePoint App Catalog. Subsequently, it can be deployed to the chosen site. The SharePoint App Catalog serves as a centralized repository for managing and distributing both custom and third-party apps, making them accessible for download throughout various site collections. For additional details about the SharePoint App Catalog, follow this link. The installation process described below utilizes the modern SharePoint Framework (SPFx) app model (not legacy add-in model).

Add an app to the SharePoint Online Tenant App Catalog

Step 1) Download the (SPFx) app installation package from our website by clicking on the below button.

Download the app installation package

Step 2) Go to More features in the SharePoint Admin Center , and sign in with an account that has admin permissions for your organization.

Step 3) Click on the button Open under the section "Apps" -> click Click on link "Upload -> select downloaded file (Asset Manager Pro SPFx.sppkg) -> click button "Enable app"
Trial version installation

After performing the above steps, the app should be listed in the SharePoint App Catalog:
Trial version installation

Install the app on the desired SharePoint Site

Step 1) Open SharePoint Site Collection where you want to install an app (for example main intranet site)

Step 2) Create a new SharePoint sub-site for the app. Please enter site name (field "Title"), enter site URL(field "Web Site Address"), site language (must be English) and switch option "User Permissions" to the value "Use unique permissions" (marked in red on below image). The rest of the settings can be defaulted.

Notes: Please make sure that you selected 'English' as the site language and "Use unique permissions" during the sub-site creation process. It's the optimal setup that prevents issues related to SharePoint permissions and language-specific settings.
Trial version installation

Step 3) Add an app to the newly created subsite (Site Contents->New->App->"From my organization"->click "Add" under the item "Asset Manager Pro SFPx").

Note: The app installation might take 1-2 minutes, if the app icon is greyed out it means that app installation is in progress and you need to wait a while before next step.

Trial version installation

Step 4) Add an app to the newly created subsite (button "New"->Page->tab "Apps"->select "Asset Manager Pro SFPx"->click "Create Page"->enter site name and click "Save")

Trial version installation

After performing the above steps you should see a welcome page with two buttons.

Trial version installation

Note: The user who enters the app for the first time after installation (click the button "Open the app") becomes an administrator with the ability to assign admin roles to others under Administration->Configuration->Agents in the app. App administrator can configure the app according to the video guide.

Step 5) Pin the app to SharePoint menu, Office 365 app launcher of Microsoft Teams
Use instructions from this guide to pin an app to different places in Microsoft 365 and provide easy app access to end-users.