Track, analyze and manage timesheets more effectively


TimeSheet Plus is Sharepoint-based time and cost tracking software that automates the collection, approval, and reporting of employee work.
A user-friendly interface allows employees to conveniently track regular work hours, break time or overtime.

Approval Workflow

The TimeSheet Plus workflow consists of four states: Pending Approval, Approved, Rejected and Cancelled.
Please see below step by step guide to completing the approval process.

1. A user creates a new timesheet.
2. The user submits the timesheet for approval ("Send to approve" button).
3. Before timesheet is approved by an approver, the user can make changes to the timesheet.
4. The approver(s) receives an email notification of the request.
5. The approver(s) approves or declines the approval request.
6. The user receives an email notification of request status (approved or rejected).
7. If the approver(s) approves the request, the process is completed.
8. If the approver(s) rejects the request, the user must edit and resubmit the request, until the approver(s) gives final approval.


When you enable integration module, requests are automatically exported to native SharePoint list, enabling to leverage the full potential of SharePoint. Sharepoint list can be integrated with many systems by using Microsoft Flow, used as data source for Power BI (reporting services) or displayed on different site via Web Part. Click here for more information.


Actions available to system users

Actions available to regular employees: 
• Create, edit and submit timesheet for approval
• View own timesheets

Actions available to managers:
All actions of regular employees plus:
• Approve or reject timesheets waiting for approval*
• View all the timesheets of subordinates
• Edit and delete approved timeshets

Actions available to administrators:
• Customize system settings 
• Assign user roles and user profiles
• Define dictionaries (projects,categories)
• View all the timesheets

* - depends on system settings

Quick steps to start using Timesheet Plus

As Administrator:
1. Configure settings (section Administration->Settings) :
General Settings tab 
Custom form fields tab 
Custom timesheet fields tab 
2. Assign user roles: Manager and Administrator (section Administration->User Roles ). There is no need to assign regular User role, because this role is given by default -every user with access to the Sharepoint parent site (where the app is installed) also has access to this app as regular user.
3. Create user profiles (section Administration->User Profiles )
4. Create or edit projects (section Administration->Projects)
5. Create or edit categories (optional) (section Administration->Categories)

As Regular User:
1. Click "Create new" tile on the main page and submit request.

If you need help with configuration, please watch video guide


If you have any question or issues, please email us at

Please read the below Product FAQ and General Troubleshooting FAQ before sending email with an technical question.


* - Contact with us before purchase to receive promo codes.

Product FAQ

  • Where app data is stored?

  • How to pin app to the SharePoint menu?

    After successful installation, app is located on the SharePoint Site Contents. If you use modern view in Site Contents, please temporarily switch to classic view by click on "Return to classic SharePoint" in the bottom-left corner (image below)

    Step 1) Click right mouse button on app icon area, afterwards click "Copy link address" (name of this option might be different depends on the browser)

    Step 2) Click "Edit" on left or top SharePoint menu and add link to the app

  • How to assign regular User role?

    There is no need to assign regular User role, because this role is given by default - every user with access to the SharePoint parent site (where the app is installed) also has access to this app as regular user.

  • How to update SharePoint app?

    App update process is described here and also on our Technical FAQ, question "How to update SharePoint app?"

  • I cannot find a user in drop-down list

    User list is pulled from SharePoint User Information List (built-in SharePoint feature, here is more info)
    SharePoint user is added to the User Information List after first login to the SharePoint Site.
    After first login, user will be visible in the user's drop-down list.

  • How can I extend my trial period?

    We cannot extend trial period remotely, because app is SharePoint-hosted and our company doesn't have access to the customer's SharePoint env., however you can uninstall an app and install it again to "reset" 14-day period. (this operation removes all app data and configuration).

  • How to track flexitime?

  • How to enable billing options?

    Go to Administration->Settings, select "Billing Settings" tab, enable billing options and click Save

    Optionally you can define hourly rate per user

    Now user can report billable hours

  • How to import users from Excel?

    Go to Administration->User Profiles click "Import" and follow the directions

  • How to import timeshets?

    Timesheet import from MS Excel is not supported in the current app version.

  • How to export data to CSV/Excel?

    Go to Team Management->My Team's Timesheets or Administration->All Timesheets and click Export button

  • How integrate with 3rd party systems?

    You can enable integrations features and use free quota on Microsoft Flow to integrate with 3rd party systems.
    Let say that you would like to export total working hours and billing amount to the external system (i.e. Slack,Oracle,SQL Server etc) when request has been approved.

    Step 1) Go to Administration->Integrations and create integration list. Select "Approved" as export trigger and proper standard fields to export

    Step 2) Double click on Sharepoint list name, being on newly created list click Flow->Create flow

  • How to upload own logo?

    Step 1) Go to Administration->Settings, select "App Logo" as "Custom" and click Save

    Step 2) Go to Administration->Settings, click "Upload"->Choose file and then Save